Water Supply Project At Bhopal Handed Over To State Government Madhya Pradesh-

After successfully completing the water supply project Bhopal it was handed over the state government and is now opened for public use.

Water Supply Project Commences At Unhel At Ujjain Dist-

The one year project for water supply scheme commences on 08-MAY-2013 the is at unhel in the district of Ujjain in the state of Madhya Pradesh (India).

PIPL Completes A Project For Datia Water Supply Scheme-

PIPL officially announces that is has successfully completed the datia water supply scheme on 15th of April 2013. The water supply is now open for public use and was inaugurated my the Hon’ble Cabinet Minister Mr Narotam Mishra.

Work Started For Water Supply Scheme At Rajgarh-

PIPL is happy to announce that we have initiated the work of water supply project which is at Rajgarh in the dhar district in the state of Madhya Pradesh (India).

this will be a one year project.